Working paper

Estimating the Effect of Christian Messages on Civic Engagement: Evidence from a Community-Collaborative Study in Zambia

Authors: Elizabeth Sperber, Gwyneth McClendon, O'Brien Kaaba

Kellogg Institute, April 2021

A significant literature suggests that religious conviction can drive political participation, perhaps because religious people internalize a moral obligation to act toward the common good and/or because religious conviction gives people a sense that their actions will make a difference. This paper presents findings...

Topics: Culture & Society, Religion

Working paper

Unsettlements: The Potential Termination of Temporary Protected Status and The Threat of Displacement Among Salvadorans in The United States

Author: Joseph Wiltberger

Kellogg Institute, October 2020

The 2018 decision by the US government to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Salvadorans, the largest population of TPS holders, would displace nearly 200,000, many of whom have lived in the United States for decades. TPS, a form of humanitarian relief that provides...

Topics: Culture & Society, Migration

Policy brief

The Futures of Work in South Bend in 2035: A Participatory Foresight Study

Authors: Alessandro Fergnani, Swapnil Motghare

Pulte Institute, August 2020

The majority of studies on the future of work are predictive in nature, often taking a bird’s-eye view that overlooks the importance of local context. This brief presents six scenarios of the futures of work in South Bend that emphasize stress-point events and phenomena...

Topics: Business & Economics, Culture & Society