Policy Opportunities

Policy Opportunities

The Keough School brings policymakers and leaders in a number of fields to the University to engage students in topics and geographies essential to the world of global policy.

Guests include officials from various branches of the government and the military; representatives of national and international organizations; business leaders; religious leaders; advocates and activists from nongovernmental organizations and social movements; and journalists and academics with expertise on global issues.

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Mentorship and Inspiration

Beyond the numerous lectures, labs, and conferences at the Keough School, policy opportunities abound for students to learn from our world-class faculty.

As renowned scholars, practitioners, and visionaries, Keough School faculty bring their years of experience managing global research programs and working with international organizations into the classroom. Their deep knowledge and expertise translates into meaningful professional mentorship for students, and a diverse array of course offerings for students to reach across disciplines in their studies. Policy coursework at the Keough School covers wide-ranging topics, from water rights and international refugee policy to food security and global fragility.

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The opportunity to engage with high-level policymakers and practitioners is a core part of the curriculum for all master of global affairs and undergraduate students.