Global Policy Initiative

Global Policy Initiative

With headquarters both at Notre Dame and in Washington, DC, the Global Policy Initiative is an effort to:


  • Apply evidence-based research and informed analysis to the ethical and practical challenges of global policymaking.
  • Support the education and training of Notre Dame students in policy research and analysis to prepare them for careers in the practical application of scholarship to global policy.
  • Contribute to the development of effective responses to poverty, war, disease, oppression and other threats to human well-being, bringing a concern for human dignity to the forefront of global policymaking.


The Global Policy Initiative draws on the network of internationally engaged faculty, alumni, centers and institutes throughout the Keough School and Notre Dame, including Notre Dame International, the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, the Pulte Institute for Global Development, and other units. It aims to create new partnerships and opportunities for creative engagement with policymaking institutions and programs in Washington, DC, and around the world.

The Global Policy Initiative will bring policy studies scholars and distinguished diplomats, foreign policy experts and other public officials to Notre Dame to teach and mentor undergraduates and students in the Master of Global Affairs and to contribute to the Global Policy Seminar, the Integration Lab (i-Lab), and other aspects of the curriculum as well as to campus-wide speaking engagements.

The Global Policy Initiative is directed by Sara Sievers, associate professor of the practice, with Maura Policelli, executive director of the Washington Office, Scott Appleby, dean of the Keough School, and David Cortright, special advisor for policy studies for the Kroc Institute.

Contact: Maura Policelli, Global Policy Initiative, Keough School of Global Affairs, Washington, DC, (202) 516-5570,