Policy brief

Building Resilience to Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa through Irrigation Investments

Authors: Nancy McCarthy, Paul Winters

Pulte Institute for Global Development, Keough School of Global Affairs, November 2022

There is renewed interest in irrigation to help build climate resilience in sub-Saharan on the part of governments and donors. However, many previous irrigation investments have significantly underperformed. In this brief we consider the factors that are associated with irrigation system performance for two...

Topics: Sustainability

Working paper

Water and Human Rights, Unlocked: A Guide for Water-Intensive Industries

Authors: Marc F. Muller, Diane Desierto, Ellis Adams, Georges Enderle, Elizabeth Dolan, Ray Offenheiser, Leonardo Bertassello, Nathaniel Hanna, Shambhavi Shekokar, Sean O'Neill, Tom Purekal

Pulte Institute for Global Development, November 2022

Worsening global water insecurity drastically impairs the health and livelihoods of communities throughout the world, while further endangering interlinked ecosystems in our planet. This is especially true in areas impacted by water-intensive, yet critically needed, industries like the mining, beverage, garment, and agriculture sectors....

Topics: Sustainability

Policy brief

Do Not Transform Food Systems on the Backs of the Rural Poor

Authors: Benjamin Davis, Leslie Lipper, Paul Winters

Keough School of Global Affairs, February 2022

Much current thinking on food system transformation focuses on the global level and often prioritizes the planet over the poor. Transformative approaches that seek to achieve better nutritional and environmental outcomes without consideration of how proposed changes affect the potential for inclusive growth could...

Topics: Policy, Sustainability

Working paper

What Stymies Action on Climate Change? Religious Institutions, Marginalization, and Efficacy in Kenya?

Authors: Lauren Honig, Amy Erica Smith, Jaimie Bleck

Kellogg Institute, July 2020

Low-income countries of the Global South will be hardest hit as Earth’s climate changes, yet fear of climate change often fails to stimulate activism among their citizens. We foreground efficacy—a belief that one’s actions can create political change—as a critical link in transforming concern...

Topics: Religion, Sustainability

Policy brief

Preparing for Climate Change in the Midwest and Great Lakes Region: A Primer for Citizens and Community Leaders

Authors: Craig A. Hart, Alan Hamlet, Tom Purekal

Pulte Institute, April 2020

Climate change has been slow to enter the public dialogue in the Midwest, but this is changing as local residents are experiencing more volatile weather, extreme temperatures, floods, changing growing seasons, and fewer snow days. The past several decades have witnessed increasingly intense weather...

Topics: Sustainability