Working paper

Shoutings, Scoldings, Talkings, and Whispers: Mothers’ Reponses to Armed Actors and Militarization in Two Caracas Barrios

Authors: Verónica Zubillaga, Rebecca Hanson

Kellogg Institute, December 2020

How do mothers deal with chronic violence and the constant presence of guns in their neighborhoods? How do they relate to the armed actors who inhabit their neighborhoods? How do they build situated meaning and discursive practices out of their experiences and relationships with...

Topics: Civil & Human Rights, Gender

Policy brief

Gender and Politics: Maintaining Women’s Meaningful Participation in Afghanistan

Authors: Susanne Jalbert, David Cortright, Robert Lord-Biggers

Pulte Institute, November 2020

Afghanistan stands on the brink of an historic, albeit precarious, peace between the Taliban and the National Unity Government that presents both challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, such a peace would open new ground for reconstruction and development by eliminating, or at...

Topics: Civil & Human Rights, Gender

Policy brief

Addressing the Sex and Gender-Based Violence in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador Fueling the US Border Crisis: Impunity, and Violence Against Women and Girls

Authors: Cory Smith, Tom Hare

Pulte Institute, April 2020

Pervasive sexual violence against women and girls in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador (including rape, domestic and sexual servitude, sexual assault, forced disappearances, human trafficking, and even murder) perpetrated by gangs, narco-traffickers, human traffickers, and a machismo culture fueled by corruption and impunity has...

Topics: Gender, Peacebuilding