Policy report

Assessing Implementation of the 2020 US-Taliban Peace Accord

Author: Madhav Joshi

Keough School of Global Affairs, March 2021

Assessing Implementation of the 2020 US-Taliban Peace Accord provides an overview of the current implementation status of the agreement negotiated between the Taliban and the United States signed on February 29, 2020. Using the Peace Accords Matrix (PAM)—a methodology for monitoring and assessing implementation of...

Topics: Governance, Peacebuilding

Policy report

A Policy Playbook on Nonproliferation Sanctions

Authors: Alistair Millar, George A. Lopez, David Cortright, Linda Gerber

Keough School of Global Affairs, December 2020

In a new policy report published by the Keough School of Global Affairs, peacebuilding policy experts summarize their recommendations for the incoming administration of President-Elect Joe Biden. From Crisis to Opportunity: A Policy Playbook on Nonproliferation Sanctions traces the negative consequences of Washington’s misuse of sanctions,...

Topics: Peacebuilding, Policy

Policy report

The Role of Religious Engagement in Implementing the Global Fragility Act

Authors: Gerard Powers, Ebrahim Moosa, R. Scott Appleby

Keough School of Global Affairs, September 2020

The bipartisan Global Fragility Act of 2019 mandates strategic coordination across the federal government to strengthen the capacity of the United States to prevent violence and increase stability in areas of the world most vulnerable to conflict. Key agencies must jointly establish a comprehensive...

Topics: Religion

Policy report

Principles and Methodologies for Strategic Monitoring in Fragile States

Authors: Josefina Echavarría Alvarez, Madhav Joshi, Laurie Nathan, Ambassador (ret.) Susan D. Page, Paul Perrin, Tom Purekal, Jason Quinn, Rachel Sweet

Keough School of Global Affairs, June 2020

The Global Fragility Act of 2019 (GFA) is the first United States government-wide initiative to prevent and reduce violent conflict in fragile countries and regions. Authored and passed through Congress with strong bipartisan support, the GFA mandates an unprecedented interagency process to identify root...

Topics: Peacebuilding, Policy

Working paper

Recognition and Guarantees for the Protection and Participation of Ethnic Peoples in Peacebuilding: Special Report on the Monitoring of the Ethnic Perspective in the Implementation of the Colombian Final Peace Accord

Author: Barometer Initiative, Peace Accords Matrix at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Kroc Institute, May 2020

Colombia’s Final Peace Accord is one of the most complex and innovative comprehensive peace agreements in history. One explanation for its pioneering character is the inclusion of an Ethnic Chapter, which contains essential considerations on the historical, structural, and disproportionate victimization that ethnic peoples...

Topics: Peacebuilding

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