Fear and stolen promise: Implications for the poor in our response to the global pandemic

May 8, 2020

Policymakers, politicians, and virtually everyone else have voiced opinions on how the coronavirus should have been dealt with, the unprecedented mandate to close down an […]

The impact of COVID-19 on community-based research in developing countries

May 7, 2020

In the era of social distancing, travel restrictions, and stay-at-home orders, face-to-face research has been halted globally. One thing is clear: because of the high […]

Toward a new internationalism

May 4, 2020

As we continue our isolation at home, haunted by messages of vulnerability and gloom, we ask ourselves: How will this end? What will the future […]

Mutual obligations in exceptional circumstances—and beyond

April 30, 2020

The big reveal of the COVID-19 pandemic is that “no one can save themselves alone,” as Pope Francis wrote in his Easter Sunday letter. No […]

A pandemic of bungling and mismanagement: Lessons from Ebola

April 29, 2020

As CEO of a humanitarian organization you regularly witness tragedy, ingenuity, and heroism as well as fear, ignorance, uncertainty, and incompetence. You also learn some […]

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Saudi Arabia must suspend the Hajj

April 27, 2020

Ebrahim Moosa, professor of Islamic studies, writes about the ethical and historical grounds to cancel this year’s Hajj, in a New York Times op-ed. “Saudi Arabia […]

To choose life or solvency? Fear as a pre-existing condition in COVID-19 mortality in the United States

April 27, 2020

Early in March, a friend of a friend drove himself to the hospital in the throes of COVID-19-induced pneumonia. He was rendered medically unconscious and […]

One concept, two imperatives

April 23, 2020

A simple understanding of integral human development is a short formula: the development of the whole person and the development of each person. This deceptively […]

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Coronavirus may have emptied Hong Kong’s streets, but the pro-democracy protests continue

April 23, 2020

Maggie Shum, research associate at the Keough School of Global Affairs, explores how the Hong Kong protest movement is adapting during the coronavirus pandemic in […]

The Big Reveal

April 22, 2020

Let us consider the anxiety and fear felt by countless individuals and families uncertain of their future and vulnerable to hunger, disease, and isolation. Or, […]