Global affairs undergraduates to launch student-led magazine in spring 2024

Meet global affairs majors Jake Harris and Ashlyn Poppe, the founding editors of the Global Ambassador, a new student-led journal for Notre Dame undergraduates engaged in global affairs-related research and field experiences. Read more to learn about their vision for the journal and how to contribute a submission.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourselves – year, major/minor, hometown, and why you chose the Keough School.

Jake: I’m a junior studying anthropology and global affairs from Murfreesboro, TN; on campus, I live in Baumer Hall. I chose the Keough School for its interdisciplinary, human-oriented focus on policy. I’ve also really appreciated the fantastic undergraduate opportunities the Keough School puts at our disposal, often in ways that can have real-world impact, such research or fieldwork.

Ashlyn: I am a junior studying global affairs with a minor in the Hesburgh Program in Public Service. I am originally from Wyckoff, New Jersey, but on campus, I call Pasquerilla West Hall my home. I am proud to be a member of the Keough School’s inaugural cohort of primary global affairs majors who will graduate as part of the Class of 2025. I chose the Keough School because I am able to study a variety of disciplines, engage with professors who are active and innovative in their fields, and brainstorm real solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

2. What prompted you to start an undergrad magazine?

We came up with the idea to launch an undergraduate magazine almost a year ago with the intention of showcasing the unique contributions of undergraduates working in and with the Keough School. Our peers have landed exciting internships, conducted innovative research, and studied in interesting places around the world. We wanted these experiences to be highlighted in a way that is accessible to current and prospective students, as well as the greater Notre Dame community. We are excited for the Global Ambassador to introduce these achievements to the campus community and to celebrate the incredible undergraduate students active in this space for years to come!

3. What can we expect from the magazine? Include when it will be published and shared. 

The Global Ambassador will be a digital magazine housed on the Keough School of Global Affairs website. It will compile the work of undergraduate students with an interest in global affairs. This includes both students within the Keough School of Global Affairs and undergraduate students engaged in global affairs-related research or experiences. Our call for submissions will remain open until December 7, 2023 and we hope that students will consider submitting! We expect the first edition of the magazine to go live by April 2024 and it will be followed by an exciting launch event.

4. How can students participate? 

We are eager for undergraduates to participate in almost any way they want. We are looking for both written and multimedia submissions to be published in the magazine and we welcome students from all disciplines —if you are doing work related to global affairs, we want to see it! We want to hear about students’ authentic and unique experiences. Have you completed an internship others would want to learn more about? Have you conducted research or fieldwork and discovered insights to share? Maybe you want to reflect on your study abroad experience and how it has deepened your understanding of other countries and cultures. Your submission might not fit neatly into one category, so pitch us any ideas you have.

We are also looking for students to get involved in a more substantial way by joining our staff. If you are interested in editing, design, or marketing, reach out to Ashlyn and me at

5. What do you like most about being a global affairs major and what do you want other students to know? 

Jake – Honestly, the people have been the best part. I’m constantly inspired by other students who are always doing incredible things, and whom I’m proud to count among my friends and peers. I’ve also been able to learn so much from advisors and professors in global affairs while engaging in a variety of real-world projects. Finally, I think what makes the Keough School so unique is its human-centered focus; if you major in global affairs you’ll hear about integral human development everywhere, but it isn’t just a random phrase; it’s practiced every day here. Students learn to put people at the forefront of their practice and create human-centered approaches that focus on the most vulnerable.

Ashlyn – Studying global affairs at Notre Dame can be summarized in three words: people, problem solving, leaders. The work of global affairs majors does not start and end in the classroom. We are motivated to create change by the people and places with which we interact. We brainstorm solutions to seemingly impossible problems and attempt to apply them in the real world. We lead by example: we intern, study, and research by prioritizing people and thinking holistically. It is the drive to get our hands dirty that sets global affairs students at Notre Dame apart from other universities.