Inaugural Joseph E. Stiglitz Lecture on Inequality and the Good Society

Hesburgh Center for International Studies University of Notre Dame
4:30 p.m.–6:00 p.m., April 15, 2024

This event has now concluded. A story is available here.

Join us to hear from renowned economist Joseph Stiglitz, who will deliver the inaugural Joseph E. Stiglitz Lecture on Inequality and the Good Society. He will deliver a talk titled “The Road to Freedom: Economics and the Good Society.”

Stiglitz is a recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and the John Bates Clark Medal (1979). He is a former senior vice president and chief economist of the World Bank and a former member and chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.

About the Lecture Series

The Joseph E. Stiglitz Lecture on Inequality and the Good Society is sponsored by the Keough School Dean’s Office and is dedicated to bringing outstanding scholars to the University each year to share pathbreaking scholarship and policy insights related to the challenge of economic and social inequality. 

Inequality is a complex and multi-dimensional challenge that is a major threat to our social fabric, our faith in core institutions and our democratic governance. And where inequality thrives, poverty persists. Addressing the twin challenges of inequality and poverty requires thoughtful, interdisciplinary responses and bold policy proposals. 

Joseph Stiglitz is a scholar who has devoted his life to being both a serious scholar and an eloquent and tireless public intellectual in challenging conventional thinking and representing the voiceless and marginalized in the hallways of power in pursuit of the good society. In keeping with Notre Dame’s public commitment to giving primacy to issues of poverty and marginalization, we are proud to honor Stiglitz’s legacy by focusing each year on these critical issues through our sponsorship of this distinguished lecture series.

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