Hunger Ward: The Last Hope Against War and Starvation

7:00 p.m.–8:30 p.m., October 28, 2020

You are invited to be among the first in the world to see Skye Fitzgerald’s (Spin Film) new documentary, Hunger Ward, which offers a devastating, firsthand look at the war and famine in Yemen—what many call the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. This 40-minute film offers an unforgettable look at this human-caused tragedy. Fitzgerald and team embed with healthcare workers in therapeutic feeding centers, providing critical services to some of Yemen’s nearly two million malnourished children under the age of five. Countless children are dying of starvation, disease and airstrikes, a situation made worse by drastic 75% budget cuts by the United Nations due to a shortage in funding from member nations.

This event is presented by the University of Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs, in partnership with World Affairs, International Rescue Committee (IRC), Spin Film, Vulcan Productions and Ryot Films.

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Denis McDonough

Professor of the Practice of Public Policy, Keough School of Global Affairs

Skye Fitzgerald

Hunger Ward-Director, Spin Film

Rahul Oka

Research Associate Professor of Global Affairs and Anthropology, Keough School of Global Affairs

Nazanin Ash

Vice President of Global Policy and Advocacy, International Rescue Committee