Global Affairs + Specialization


The Global Affairs concentration within the Master of Global Affairs provides broad, multidisciplinary training in global affairs and offers deep, specialized training in an area students choose and develop by working closely with a faculty mentor.

Students in Global Affairs receive training in quantitative methods, analytical reasoning, and professional skills and engage intellectually with a broad range of global issues. Coursework in global politics and economics, policy analysis, leadership, and methods — along with extensive hands-on practice — equips students to work collaboratively with practitioners and policymakers, communities, and the private and public sectors to identify solutions to global challenges.

Specialization choices may include: human rights, international law, regional studies, global religion, democratic politics, migration and refugees, or other areas that match your professional goals.

2017-18 Curriculum & Courses

All MGA students take part in the Keough School Policy Seminar, which brings invited guests from around the world to explore topics and geographies essential to a broad understanding of the world of global policy. Invited guests will include policymakers and business leaders from several different countries; representatives of international organizations; officials from different branches and departments of the U.S. government and military; advocates from non-governmental organizations; activists from local NGOs and social movements; as well as journalists and academics from across the world.

Students in Global Affairs have access to classes in other professional schools and departments across the University of Notre Dame. Students work with an academic advisor to choose classes and construct an integrated program of study.

Dual-degree option – Master of Global Affairs/JD

Students interested in Global Affairs and law can earn both MGA and JD degrees at Notre Dame in a total of four years. READ MORE »

April 16, 2012; The Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership at Mendoza College of Business. Photo by Barbara Johnston/University of Notre Dame


Career opportunities:  Policy analysis, policy advocacy, international development; human rights; foreign affairs; economic development; management of nongovernmental organizations, businesses, humanitarian agencies; diplomacy, journalism, education, research, leadership in a wide range of internationally oriented workplaces.