What does the cause of human dignity demand of us?



The lives we live and the challenges we face are complex amalgams of beliefs, cultures, families, communities and hopes. The University of Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs will train leaders who think broadly and imaginatively to forge effective partnerships and solutions across disciplines and sectors.

People are connectors. Students at the Keough School will learn every dimension of global human development — economic and political, but also cultural, social and ethical. Graduates will become the connective tissue among ideas, peoples and disciplines in government, NGOs and the private sector.

These are the ethical leaders for the new global reality. They’ll bring their focus on human dignity, toolkit of strategic, analytic and relational skills, and portfolio of global experiences to bear on the interconnected nature of world challenges and the promise of integral human development.

This is Notre Dame’s first new school or college in nearly a century. The Keough School of Global Affairs is a place where institutional agility, intellectual vibrancy and uncommon optimism will be focused on a singular goal: a flourishing human community.

Academic Programs

The Keough School educates students for leadership in public service and professions with global impact.

Research, Policy, Practice

Faculty in the Keough School address critical issues such as human development, peace and justice, civil and human rights, democratic governance, and human security.

Global Engagement

We will bring the world to Notre Dame and Notre Dame to the world to generate ideas and leaders that shape the future of humanity and the planet.

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