Meet MGA Students

The Keough School’s master of global affairs program includes 70 students from 30 countries:

Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uganda, the United States, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

The students bring a wealth of professional experience in international development, education, peacebuilding, environmental conservation, human rights, humanitarian assistance, journalism, and other fields. All students in the class have received fellowships thanks to a number of generous families, as well as foundation support and funding from institutes and the University more widely.

Pawas Manandhar

Pawas Manandhar

Sustainable Development, 2020


Pawas Manandhar worked most recently as an area coordinator and an international and diversity fellow at a small liberal arts college in rural New Hampshire. He has experience as a research assistant and a teaching assistant in political studies and has organized various initiatives to encourage cross- cultural education and growth. Pawas also has organized several Model United Nations conferences. He is interested in the interconnected theories of development, education and democracy, especially pertaining to underrepresented minorities in the global South. Pawas is the recipient of a Paul & Regina Rogalski Global Affairs Fellowship.