Momodou B. Bah

Momodou B. Bah

International Peace Studies, 2025

The Gambia

Momodou Bah holds a master of science in management degree from Vrije University Brussels and a BS in political science from the University of The Gambia.

Momodou worked for the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding in The Gambia as a program officer and national early warning systems  manager, providing early warning data and collaborating with stakeholders to prevent conflicts. He collaborated closely with local communities, civil society organizations, and government institutions to strengthen The Gambia’s peace architecture. Momodou implemented projects and initiatives that enhanced peace electoral processes and promoted inclusive governance.

Most recently, Momodou worked for the UN Development Programme as a national UN volunteer, serving as a program officer supporting the institutional capacity of the Inter Part Committee to facilitate inter-party dialogue, promote peaceful elections, and foster inclusive participation of women in politics and decision-making processes. Momodou is the recipient of a Kroc Institute Fellowship.