Meet MGA Students

The Keough School’s master of global affairs program, a two-year program, includes 74 students.  Current students and MGA alumni represent more than 50 countries including:

Afghanistan; Argentina; Bangladesh; Belarus; Belize; Burkina Faso; Canada; Chile; China; Colombia; Costa Rica; Democratic Republic of Congo; Ecuador; Egypt; El Salvador; Ethiopia; The Gambia; Ghana; Haiti; Honduras; Hungary; Indonesia; Iran; Japan; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Lebanon; Mali; Mexico; Mongolia; Morocco; Nepal; Nigeria; Pakistan; Palestine; Peru; the Philippines; Russia; Sierra Leone; South Africa; South Korea; Tajikistan; Trinidad and Tobago; Turkey; Ukraine; Uganda; the United Kingdom; the United States; Uzbekistan; Vietnam; and Zimbabwe.

The students bring a wealth of professional experience in international development, education, peacebuilding, environmental conservation, human rights, humanitarian assistance, journalism, and other fields. All students in the class have received fellowships thanks to a number of generous families, as well as foundation support and funding from institutes and the University more widely.

Laura Guerra

Laura Guerra

Sustainable Development, 2021

Mexico and United States

Laura Judith Guerra, a first-generation Mexican American, grew up in Mexico and migrated to the United States as a child. A passionate advocate for sustainable development, she has worked as a community organizer at ARISE, a nonprofit organization that empowers low-income immigrants through education and leadership training. Laura holds a BA in economics from the University of Dallas, where she received an Outstanding Economics Student Achievement Award. She also was awarded the US Department of State’s Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, which enabled her to study in Rome and teach English classes for Italian high school students. Laura has worked in colonias on the US-Mexico border, advocating for infrastructure improvements such as drainage and public lighting. As a student, she was the recipient of a Graduate School Dean’s Fellowship and a John Hahn/Leticia Foncillas Fellowship.