Henri Fabrice Ndayizeye

Henri Fabrice Ndayizeye

International Peace Studies, 2025


Fabrice has lived as a Burundian refugee in the Mahama Refugee Camp, located in the Eastern Province of Rwanda, since 2015. He recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in peacebuilding and development from the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (PIASS) in Rwanda. He is the founder of Enough is a Little, an initiative that extends admissions and full-scholarship opportunities in tertiary education to Burundian refugees in Rwanda.

During his studies at PIASS, Fabrice engaged in peacebuilding activities as president of PIASS Peace Club, and as a volunteer co-facilitator of the Alternative to Violence program and Peace Related Concepts training with the Center for Research for Action towards Sustainable Peace and Development. In 2020, Fabrice participated in a one-year study program in Japan, in which he had a chance to intern with the Munakata Foundation. He is also an alumnus of Clinton Global Initiative university (2020), Aspire Leaders Program (2020), and YALI Regional Leadership Center, East Africa (2022).

Fabrice aspires to live and create a world free from violence where the next generations will not become refugees as he did. During his studies at University of Notre Dame, Fabrice is interested in exploring effective means and strategies to create an inclusive world where refugees can have an engaging and inclusive space where they can contribute to conflict prevention and resolution nonviolently in their host country, country of origin, and worldwide. Fabrice is the recipient of the Kroc Institute Fellowship.