Dara-Marie Raggay

Dara-Marie Raggay

Global Affairs + Specialization (offered through 2022), 2022

Trinidad and Tobago

Dara-Marie Raggay is from the Caribbean twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She specializes in creative, intersectional, and systems approaches to sustainability and equity, and integrates research, policy, activism, movement-building, and participatory storytelling to holistically address social, economic, and environmental challenges. Dara-Marie has a demonstrated commitment to creating and sustaining positive impact in historically marginalized and frontline communities, via meaningful engagement, strategic peacebuilding, intersectional feminism, and anti-racist scholarship and practice.

Dara-Marie’s academic and professional background incorporates social sciences, natural sciences, as well as visual and performing arts. Utilizing multi-disciplinary, multi-sector, and multi-stakeholder approaches, Dara-Marie has worked locally, regionally, and internationally to successfully develop, implement, and evaluate projects funded by major international donors including the United Nations Development Programme, the United States Agency for International Development, and the European Commission.

As a master of global affairs student, Dara-Marie was the recipient of a Riberas Orjales Family Fellowship. She also was a graduate student affiliate of the Notre Dame Initiative on Race and Resilience and the Klau Institute for Civil and Human Rights.