Natalie A. Jaresko

Natalie A. Jaresko was designated executive director of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico in March 2017. The purpose of the Oversight Board, created by Congress as part of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Stability Act, is to assist Puerto Rico in restoring fiscal health and responsibility, and regaining access to capital market. Jaresko is leading the Oversight Board’s efforts by working with the Puerto Rico government to achieve the goals of the PROMESA Act of 2016.

Jaresko has a distinguished international career in public service and private industry, with over 25 years of successful management experience in government and business, where she effectively developed strategy, negotiated and implemented public policy and business objectives, especially during crisis periods. As Minister of Finance of Ukraine (2014-16) she served at one of the most critical times in Ukraine’s history, rocked by a deep recession, foreign occupation, and war on part of its territory. During her tenure, she led the successful negotiation and implementation of the largest IMF program in the institution’s history, as well as a complex sovereign and sovereign guaranteed debt restructuring. As a result of her government’s actions, Ukraine is seeing its first signs of recovery, including stabilization of the domestic currency, growth in banking system deposits, sharply reduced inflation, and growth in industrial production.

Prior to her position in Ukraine, Jaresko spent two decades investing in small and medium-sized business in the region as co-founder and CEO of Horizon Capital, a fund manager with over $600 million under management, and as President and CEO of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, creating a platform for private equity investment in the region.

Jaresko began her career in public service serving in the US State Department in Washington, D.C. from 1989-92, and as chief of the Economic Section of the US Embassy in Ukraine from 1992-95, where she was responsible for building a new economic relationship between the United States and newly-independent Ukraine. Jaresko, a Certified Public Accountant, earned a master’s degree in public policy from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, and a bachelor of science degree in accounting from DePaul University in Illinois.