Four-year dual-degree – MGA/JD

Interested in Global Affairs and Law?

You can earn both a Master of Global Affairs (typically 2 years) and a JD (typically 3 years) at Notre Dame in a total of four years.

Students should apply separately for the JD in the Notre Dame Law School and the Master of Global Affairs at the Keough School of Global Affairs. You may submit both applications at the same time, or you may apply to one program after having enrolled in the other (either one can begin first).

  • The JD requires 90 credit hours. You can count 15 credit hours of the MGA toward the total credit hours required for the JD.
  • The MGA requires 46 credit hours. You can count 9 credit hours of the JD toward the MGA.

Applications will be evaluated independently by each school using the criteria applied to other applicants for that program.

JD Application Information
Master of Global Affairs Application Information

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