Meet MGA Students

Current students and alumni from the master of global affairs program in the Keough School of Global Affairs represent more than 60 countries including:

Afghanistan; Argentina; Bangladesh; Belarus; Belize; Botswana; Burkina Faso; Canada; Chile; China; Colombia; Costa Rica; Democratic Republic of Congo; Ecuador; Egypt; El Salvador; Ethiopia; Finland; The Gambia; Ghana; Guatemala; Haiti; Honduras; Hungary; India; Indonesia; Iran; Japan; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Kyrgyzstan; Lebanon; Mali; Mexico; Moldova; Mongolia; Morocco; Myanmar; Nepal; Nicaragua; Nigeria; Pakistan; Palestine; Peru; the Philippines; Russia; Sierra Leone; Singapore; South Africa; South Korea; Syria; Taiwan; Tajikistan; Trinidad and Tobago; Tunisia; Turkey; Ukraine; Uganda; the United Kingdom; the United States; Uzbekistan; Venezuela; Vietnam; Yemen; and Zimbabwe.

Our students bring a wealth of professional experience in international development, education, peacebuilding, environmental conservation, human rights, humanitarian assistance, journalism, and other fields. All students in the class have received fellowships thanks to a number of generous families, as well as foundation support and funding from institutes and the university more widely.

Rafael Gutierrez

Rafael Gutierrez

Sustainable Development, 2023

United States

Rafael Gutierrez lived in Peru, Chile, and Italy before attending Loyola University Chicago. As a student, he worked as a law clerk for an immigration attorney, helping migrants apply for citizenship and family-based services. He graduated cum laude from Loyola, earning a degree in political science and international relations. After graduation, he worked as a paralegal for the US Department of Justice Healthcare Fraud Strike Force, helping investigate cases relating to Medicaid and Medicare fraud. 

Before coming to Notre Dame, Rafael served with the Peace Corps as an education volunteer in Togo. He taught English, organized workshops on malaria prevention, and worked with rural village members on a plan to refurbish a former clinic into a community center. Rafael is passionate about the symbiotic relationship between technology and development, especially in rural communities. A passionate believer in the use of language to build relationships across countries and cultures, he plans to improve his fluency in Arabic, Italian, and French. As a master of global affairs student, Rafael is the recipient of a Keough Family Fellowship.