Statement from the Kroc Institute on the Colombian peace accord implementation process

In response to the video published by former members of the FARC calling for a return to arms, the Kroc Institute, as a member of the International Verification Component for Colombia’s peace agreement implementation process, wants to reiterate the following:

1. We reject the declaration made by “Iván Márquez” on Thursday, August 29, calling on his followers to take up arms and we deplore his statements regarding the state of the Colombian peace process. We support the commitments to the peace accord implementation process that have been made by the FARC, the government, and ex-combatants.

2. In other contexts and processes, similar calls for a return to violence have occurred. Experience illustrates that the more rigorous the commitment to implementing a peace agreement is, the smaller the impact of dissidents will be. Therefore, we invite all parties involved to strengthen their efforts toward successful implementation of the peace agreement.

3. From our monitoring of the peace accord implementation process thus far, we know that renewed effort is needed to ensure the implementation progress regarding socio-economic and political reincorporation, as well as ensuring legal and security guarantees for ex-combatants.

4. Finally, we reiterate the importance of all parties maintaining the structures for dialogue and implementation accompaniment specified in the peace agreement (including the Commission for Monitoring, Promoting, and Verifying the Implementation of the Final Agreement, the National Commission for Security Guarantees, and the National Reincorporation Council), since collaborative efforts will enable sustainable solutions.

5. We reiterate the commitment of the Kroc Institute to continue accompanying Colombia in the peace accord implementation process and we invite the international community and all of civil society to renew their commitments to building sustainable peace in Colombia.

Contact for international correspondents and English-speaking media in the United States:

Colleen Sharkey
+1 574-631-9958

Contact for Colombian and Spanish-speaking media:

Poly Martinez

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