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Integration Lab Project Archive

Integration Lab Project Archive

The Keough School Integration Lab (i-Lab) is a distinctive series of interdisciplinary engagements — designed to build momentum over the full two-year arc of the Master of Global Affairs.

2018-19 i-Lab Partnerships

Students in the Master of Global Affairs Class of 2019 engaged with these global partners:



Project: Reduce the vulnerability of women to climate change by enhancing the effectiveness of research-to-policy translation


i-Lab Global Partner
Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies



Project: Transform opportunities for teachers to enhance school performance, build community, and foster continual school-wide innovation and learning

i-Lab Global Partner
Ensena Chile

Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania


Project: Collaborate with national ministries of health to catalyze and mobilize worldwide improved access to quality surgical care

i-Lab Global Partner
PGSSC - Harvard Medical School

Ghana, India, Malawi


Project: Adapt global supply chains to accelerate transformation toward a more sustainable, equitable food system

i-Lab Global Partner



Project: Develop scenarios for the future of Kenya’s devolution that promote democratic participation, equitable distribution of resources, and peaceful conflict resolution

i-Lab Global Partner

US-Mexico border, Greece, Germany


Project: Explore and document best practices to respect the human rights of migrants as they navigate complex immigration enforcement systems

i-Lab Global Partner

The Philippines


Project: Enhance the resilience of local housing markets essential to delivering safe and dignified shelter

i-Lab Global Partner

Follow the global research and partnerships underway with our current Master of Global Affairs students:


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