Mirza Family Chair Inaugural Symposium: “On the Muslim Question”

1030 Jenkins Nanovic Halls I Zoom
9:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m., March 25, 2022

This event is part of the Mirza Family Chair Inaugural Lecture and Symposium. We invite the local community to join us in person and no registration is required. The global community can register on Zoom to join us virtually.

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Muslims in both Europe and North America have been figured by both extremists and mainstream politicians as “outsiders,” and “enemies.” It is no surprise then that they face a range of discriminatory practices in these contexts. Some theorists have framed the discrimination they have faced as akin to the discrimination faced by Jews in Europe in the past and present. This panel will explore whether or not these forms of discrimination are as similar as such an analogy suggests.


Anne Norton

Stacey and Henry Jackson President’s Distinguished Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania