5-Year BA/Master of Global Affairs

Notre Dame undergraduates may apply to the Master of Global Affairs (MGA) program within the Keough School to earn both BA and MGA degrees in five years.

Students apply for the BA/MGA option in the fall semester of their junior year. Accepted students take a full schedule of master’s-level classes in their senior year and complete requirements for their undergraduate and MGA degrees in the fifth year.

The BA/MGA option is highly competitive. It is designed for undergraduate students who:

1) are fully prepared by the end of junior year at Notre Dame to transition into graduate-level work;

2) are committed to pursuing a career and professional life in global affairs; and

3) meet or exceed all of the criteria for admission to the Master of Global Affairs program.

Students interested in pursing this option should proceed as follows:

First year or or early sophomore year

Make two appointments (the sooner the better):

Meet with your college advisor to plan for undergraduate courses and international experiences that will position you to be competitive in applying for the MGA.

Meet with an MGA advisor in the Keough School. To make an appointment, contact Michael Talbot, Associate Director of the Master of Global Affairs, mtalbot@nd.edu.

Junior year

Apply online for admission to the Master of Global Affairs through the Notre Dame Graduate School platform. The application deadline is December 15. All required materials, including application, GRE scores, statement of intent, 3 letters of recommendation, etc.) are due at that time. Undergraduate applicants also must upload a plan, signed by your college and major advisors, for completing your undergraduate requirements.

Senior Year

Accepted students take a full schedule of graduate-level courses for the MGA and are fully part of the Keough School MGA community, attending graduate student orientations and all programs and activities for master’s students.

Fifth Year

Accepted students are eligible for a year of MGA tuition funding and a modest stipend from the Keough School.

Michael Talbot, Associate Director, mtalbot@nd.edu